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Gomerville is honored, humbled, amused, and tickled pink to be hosting the First Anniversary Edition of The Handover.  The assignment was to write an EMS Portrait of someone who influenced the author’s career in some way.  I have written a few of these over the last few months and found it both challenging and rewarding.  I was extremely impressed by the quality and cleverness of the submissions.  Not only did I get portraits of co-workers, I also received portraits of patients and yes…a table where professionals sat.  Some of my favorite bloggers sent in submissions so I was extremely flattered to find some of them complimenting my work in their personal messages to me.  For this I am extremely grateful.  (Psssst…don’t tell any of these people what a terrible hack I am.)

While hosting the Handover this month, I found myself buried in work and had trouble meeting deadlines and keeping up with my own blog, much less so many others.  My writing has slowed some as a result.  However, seeing all these wonderful stories has given me a lot of inspiration to get back at it again.  Thank you all for that.

So, dear reader, I have an assignment for you as well.  (See, hosting the Handover lets you boss everyone around.)  While you browse this Anniversary Edition of the Handover, try and reflect on those who shaped your career.  And if you think of it, drop them a line and tell them, “Thanks.”  You know they don’t hear it enough.  And that kind of behavior should be reinforced.  Enjoy.

Life in Manch Vegas
A Sketch of My Friends

Hypoxic Witterings

Everyday EMS Tips
EMS Portrait: There is Always More to the Patient’s Story

The Insomniac’s Guide to Ambulances

The Happy Medic
An EMS Portrait

Rescuing Providence
An EMS Portrait

Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic

Notes from Mosquito Hill
Funny thing about firemen. . .

Medic 999
My One True Inspiration

And of course I gave it a whirl…
The W.M.B. Movement

The next Handover will be hosted by Mack at Notes From Mosquito Hill.  His subject next month will be “Passion.”  So don’t forget to stop on by Mack’s place to see what that’s about next month.